The composition E.V.A. (Ethylene, vinyl and acetate) provides the best qualities of cushioning and elasticity to the sole, giving lightness and flexibility to the shoe and consequently great comfort. The EVA composition is complemented by the rubber on the outside of the sole, generating resistance and grip to prevent slipping. It complies with the maximum SRC anti-slip certification.
Antistatic, with great impact absorption, resistant to hydrocarbons and HRO (resistant up to 300º C).


The removable insoles, which are tested by our podiatric laboratory, are incorporated into our footwear because, in addition to offering comfort, they allow the feet to breathe and at the same time cushion our steps while protecting our entire body.


The anti-impact toe cap is an essential element of safety footwear. We use extremely resistant fiberglass toecaps, thus offering very high performance with minimal dimensions, ergonomics, mobility and comfort prevailing.


Extraordinarily flexible and light, made of special fibers with extraordinary resistance to perforation, it adapts perfectly to the foot.


of safety

Abarth footwear range is manufactured according to the category II personal protection device (EPI) with CE marking in compliance with the European
Directive EN ISO 20345:2011 – S3 y EN ISO 20347:2012 – 02.

EN ISO 20345:2011 – S1P

S1P safety footwear is suitable for all types of activities in dry environments, equipped with protective toecap, anti-puncture insole and hydrocarbon-resistant, slip-resistant and shock-absorbing sole to reduce the energy transmitted by shocks to the heel and prevent long-term damage to the worker’s health.

EN ISO 20345:2011 – S3

EN ISO 20347:2012 – 02

S3 safety footwear is equipped with a water repellent cover to offer maximum protection against water and rain, so it is specifically designed for workers who perform their work outdoor and indoor. They also have a protective toe cap,
anti-slip sole, anti-perforation midsole and shock absorber system to protect the heel.

Occupational safety footwear is intended for those workers who are exposed to minor risks, so they do not have a toe cap and anti-perforation midsole, being equipped with a water-repellent cover and a hydrocarbon-resistant sole, non-slip and with shock absorber to protect the heel.


All ABARTH footwear is certified with the highest level of adhesion class SRC

SRA: Slipresistancetestedonceramicfloor withwateranddetergentsolution.

SRB: Slipresistancetestedonsteelfloorwithglycerin.

SRC: Slipresistancetestedinthesameconditionsdescribed previously.

All ABARTH shoe soles are heat-resistant up to 300°C (HRO).